Only Revolutions (2008–present)

Only Revolutions (2008–present)
The band released a new single entitled “Mountains” in July 2008, which reached #5 in the UK Singles Chart – the band’s first song to reach the top 10, and their highest charting single to date. Originally released as a stand-alone single, “Mountains” went on to be included on the album. In December 2008 the band played their biggest headline shows including a date at Glasgow’s SECC, a 10,000 capacity venue.
In an interview with NME the band stated that they had started work on a follow up album to 2007’s Puzzle. Simon Neil noted that the album would include some of the band’s “heaviest riffs to date,” while Ben Johnston, in an interview with XFM, revealed that the forthcoming album would be “Classic Biffy” and that they already had 16 demos laid down. Simon Neil told Kerrang magazine in December 8 about the new album, playfully saying “The soft bits are softer, and the hard bits are harder…”, mocking how bands always label their new albums the most heavy and yet melodic so far. The band are working with Puzzle producer Garth Richardson again at Ocean Way studios, many videos on the net have been shown of them playing along to Shania Twain’s “Still the One”.
A Kerrang! magazine article, published in March 2009, stated that they planned to enter the studio in April. This article also revealed a working title for the upcoming album – “Boom, Blast and Ruin”. However on their official site, they have been showing a series of updates every week and slowly revealing letters of the new album. After Rock Sound revealing a mistake in the albums name “Only Exceptions”, it was revealed officially that the album would be titled ‘Only Revolutions’.Buy & Sell V Festival Tickets through One stop shop to catch your favourite event Tickets like V Festival Tickets, Guaranteed, Fast and Secure!


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