Security and Safety

Security and Safety
If you don’t need it – don’t bring it! Carry money, credit cards, mobile phones, cameras, etc with you at all times. Don’t assume that you’ve hidden it well in your tent. V Festival has a very good safety history however, festivals do attract criminals who spend summer touring the festivals and stealing from tents and cars. We work closely with the Police and Security to try to alleviate the problems. There is a lock-up facility based in the Welfare Tent for your use.
Mark your property with your name and postcode only, thieves don’t want marked property and it will significantly reduce the risk of items being stolen. Tag your keys with your phone number and a friend’s address. We find many keys after the event and marking them means we can return them to you.
Leave your tent untidy don’t make it easy for thieves to grab a bag with everything in it.
When asleep, hide your money, etc carefully and don’t put everything together. Too much drink can make you sleep heavily and you may not hear somebody entering your tent.
If you see anybody acting suspiciously anywhere in the festival site, please alert a Steward or the Police. You can also alert Crimestoppers who will be based at the festival.
If you think you’ve had an item stolen, please go to the Welfare Tent as it may have been handed in.
Ensure you know where your nearest emergency exits are.
Follow any instructions given by Stewards, Security and Police
Move away from any dangerous/antisocial behaviour and alert Security if they are not already in the immediate vicinity.Buy & Sell V Festival Tickets through One stop shop to catch your favourite event Tickets like V Festival Tickets, Guaranteed, Fast and Secure!


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