V Festival

Children 5 and under are welcome free of charge and do not need a ticket but, due to the nature of festivals, we do not recommend you bring small children. We do not have child care/minding facilities at V Festival . Persons aged 16 and under by law must now be accompanied by an adult.
If you are bringing a child to V then you should on arrival go to the Welfare area which is situated near the Wristband Exchange Tent. Staff in the Welfare area will have a supply of child wristbands. You should obtain one of these write your mobile number on the wristband and affix it firmly to your childs wrist. This should enable us to contact you should your child become separated from you.
You should also make it a priority on arrival to ensure that your child/ren are made familiar of their surroundings so that should they become separated from you that they will know to go to one of the areas where they will find a person that can help. You should make them aware of the following areas:
Welfare Area – where welfare staff are situated.
The Police – There is an onsite police station and uniformed police in and around the arena and campsites.
Gates – where stewards and security are situated.
First Aid points – where medical staff are situated.
Campsite towers – Security towers in the campsites where security staff are situated.
Virgin Mobile Information Points – Where Virgin Angels are situated.
If a child is found to be without their parents or guardians they will be taken to the Welfare Area.
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