V Festival

Bars, food and drink
You don’t have to be 18 to attend V but you must be 18 or over to purchase alcoholic drinks.V operates the ‘Challenge 21’ policy. If you look under 21 please do not be offended if we ask you for proof of age when you buy alcohol. Please bring proof of ID to show you are over 18. PASS is the recognised national proof of ID card. Click here to apply for a PASS card. Do not buy alcohol for persons under the age of 18 if you do you risk being ejected from the festival.
There are a number of bars located around the site serving alcohol (to over 18’s only) and soft drinks during licensed hours. The bars are operated on a token system. Tokens are purchased from the token booths then exchanged at the bar for drinks. Some token booths will remain open for 1 hour after the bars have closed so vouchers can be redeemed.
The bars work on a token system, which operates as follows:
Tokens are purchased from the token booths in the arena.
Tokens are redeemable for alcoholic drinks at any bar other than the Bacardi Bar.
All tokens must be complete and legible.
Tokens purchased for Friday and Saturday can be used on Sunday.
Refunds will only be given on the day of purchase from the designated token booths during the last hour that the bars are trading. The times will be displayed on the token booths.
Remember that drinking and driving is an offence; don’t risk the life of yourself and others or risk your licence.
Alcohol will dehydrate you, pace yourself and top up with water or soft drinks.Buy & Sell V Festival Tickets through YourTicketMarket.com One stop shop to catch your favourite event Tickets like V Festival Tickets, Guaranteed, Fast and Secure!

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