Criticisms and reputation of V Festivals

Criticisms and reputation of V Festivals
The festival has been noted for its commercial nature in comparison with other British music festivals. V Festival has received criticism for charging £10 to buy a programme – the only way festival-goers can see what time artists are performing- while others have mentioned the fact burgers cost £7 and water bottles are sometimes confiscated at the entrance, costing up to £2 once inside the grounds. Some fans have referred to the organisers of the event as ‘greedy’.
Despite this, the New Statesman argues that the commercial nature has some advantages:
“Yet there are undeniable advantages to the [commercial] environment. V is a remarkably non-threatening festival, with few of the rougher edges prevalent at other large-scale gatherings.
The London Evening Standard gave the 2009 festival 3/5 stars after headliners Oasis cancelled at the very last minute due to illness.Furthermore, approximately 800 people were injured with most being down to falls causing sprains and ankle injuries.
In 2009, organisers were forced to restrict entry to Lady GaGa’s performance at Chelmsford after fans became stuck trying to fight through the narrow entrance to The Arena stage.. Buy & Sell V Festival Tickets through One stop shop to catch your favourite event Tickets like V Festival Tickets, Guaranteed, Fast and Secure!


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